Trip Report Cape Coral + ECPOT


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Trip Report Cape Coral + ECPOT

Giant Burgers, Giant Fish, Giant Flowers
A Trip to the Sunshine State

Now I told y'all that I would report on what happened when Jason and I went down to Florida. Well you probably guessed it but we couldn't stay away from Disney World. When we landed in Tampa we both looked at other and said it felt like we were cheating on WDW. So we drove up to EPCOT the last day of our trip. We spent the majority of our trip down in Cape Coral visiting friends. We had a great time cruising the canals, tasting rum straight from the distillery, looking for dolphins (we saw a few), watching the sunset from the beach and we even went deep sea fishing.

Cape Coral Trip

The beach at sunset from Captivia Island, A gaint burger we shared for lunch one day and the rum distillery we visited Wicked Dolphin

Deep Sea Fishing

Now I have never really been fishing per say unless you count catching sunnies off a dock with left over hot dogs and mac & cheese as bait (which most people don't). Well let me tell you this it was a WAY different experience then fishing for sunnies. We actually caught our bait using nets on our way out of the bay (these fish were already bigger the sunnies). It was really funny when we stopped and put out the nets the pelicans swarmed the boat becuase they knew what we were doing and wanted lunch! After that we then proceeded to cruise miles out into the ocean to where we could no longer see shore (a bit alarming I must say).

We set up camp near a wreck the guide knew about and starting catching very large fish. In fact I don't think I have seen fish this big in person before. Our friend Brian caught a 80lb Amber Jack that took over an hour for him to reel in. Both Jason and I did pretty good as well catching 30+lb King Mackerels. Needless to say fishing in Minnesota just doesn't compare. Also eating fish that you caught fresh is also way better. I know go figure but I just had to say it.

Fishing in Cape Coral

Our catches of the day and of course the pelicans. I have decided that if we ever live near the coast I would like a pet pelican and I will name him Pete.

EPCOT Flower and Garden

So as I mentioned after spending the week down in Cape Coral we decided to drive up to ECPOT which I was super excited about being that the Flower and Garden Festival was going on. We have never been down for Flower and Garden and I have been wanting to experience it for years. EPCOT was beautiful there were flowers and topiaries everywhere! This past October when we were down we went on the Backstage Magic Tour (I would recommend you do this is you like history and Disney). During the tour you get to go to the nursery and see all the topiaries in process so It was really fun to see them all finished. I think my favorite was the crocodile from Peter Pan, no probably the Lion King, no probably The Muppets I don't know there were so many! I loved them all. Jason's favorite part of the Flower and Garden Festival was that they were serving Dole Whip at EPCOT. Go figure I think he could eat his weight in Dole Whip if given the opportunity. So we had to have it twice - once when we started the trek around the world showcase and then when we finished the trek. Needless to say Dole Whip is Jason's favorite frozen treat at WDW. So in my effort to be a good wife I decided to whip some up for him when we got home. Check out how I did it - I think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself.

Walt Disney World Flower and Garden 2014

Some pictures of the beautiful Flower and Garden topiaries and of course Jason's favorite thing at Walt Disney World - Dole Whip

In Closing

We had a fabulous time in Florida. I would highly recommend the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area if you like beaches, boating, sunsets and fishing. If you are looking for a place to stay I would recommend you check out Appeldoorn's Vacation Escapes. They offer vacation home rentals in a great location and for a great price! If you like flowers I would add ECPOT during Flower and Garden Festival to your list of must sees.

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