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Meet the Birds

Hello it's nice to meet you!

Welcome to Cooking with the Birds! First off some introductions are probably in order: My name is Ashley and I am married to my high school sweet heart Jason. We live a in what I call the frozen tundra (aka Minnesota) with our wonderful pug Augie. Since we have been joined at the hip since age 15 ours friends affectionately refer to us as just the Bird’s no first names needed. Hence the name of my blog Cooking with the Birds (probably didn't need to spell that one out but you never know I don’t like leaving people in the dark). We love to spend time in the kitchen together - mostly me doing the cooking and Jason doing the taste testing. 

Over the years as we have had friends and family over for dinner the same questions kept coming up - how did you make this? can I come over everyday? I want to learn how to make this! and my Mom always asks what are you cooking for dinners this week? So after years of these questions I decided maybe it would be a good idea to share what the heck is cookin at the Bird house. Not everything I cook is my own recipes but I usually add my own Ashley flare as Jason says. So come join us as we share our culinary adventures and other life ramblings!

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